Planning & Plan Review

Stage 1 - Understanding

  • Understanding the area of design and location.
  • Understanding your social status, lifestyle and budget.
  • Showing you our previous work as a digital presentation and even physically showing you recent work done.

Stage 2 - Initial Concept and Layout

  • Taking measurement at site or referring to the architectural drawings received.
  • Taking briefs from you as per your vision of your dream project.
  • Preparation of the measured plan of your premises.
  • Making initial layout with concept palette.

Stage 3 - Final Layout

  • Discussing initial layout with you and your team.
  • Visiting couple of places with you, if you like something special about it and want to incorporate.
  • Preparing final layout to your satisfaction.

Stage 4 - Cost Estimating and Contracting

  • Preparing and discussing specifications, type of flooring, furniture and ambience of your place.
  • Preparing rough estimate based on the final layout and desired ambience of various areas.
  • Providing assistance in identifying Main contractors for civil and carpentry work and help you finalize the terms of contract.
  • Providing assistance in identifying false ceiling, electrical and plumbing contractor and help you finalize the terms of contract.
  • Identifying sources of supply of wood, flooring and other major bulk material.

Stage 5 - Execution of Work

  • Preparing initial drawings for commencing work at site.
  • Guide the contractors to commence work at site.
  • Prepare necessary drawing for execution of work as and when required and / or guide contractors for various works.
  • Visit site for work inspection, guidance and corrections.
  • Have meetings with you from time to time to understand your final requirements and to brief you on various design elements and work progress and impediments if any.
  • Certify bills of various contractors from time to time and recommend you for direct payments to them.
  • Visit with you / without you to source items / materials required during work, such as flooring material, electrical / plumbing fittings, sanitary wares, knobs, handles etc.

Stage 6 - Finishing Items

  • Checking of various works for defects, if any and recommending rectification.
  • Finalizing color schemes, veneers and polishes and recommending contractors for the same.
  • Inspecting the site for finishing work and recommending contractor payment from time to time.
  • Selecting bought out items such as electrical fittings.

Stage 7 - Work Completion

  • Carrying out final inspection for satisfactory execution of all work.
  • Certifying final bills of all contractors.
  • Final Handover to Client with Proper Paper Documentation